Friday, May 17, 2013

yukon bird club, May 17 till May 20

The yukon bird club is requesting  people to look at birds this weekend.

So i thought i walk to Kip's puddle two times a day.

-10 am around 20 ducks, among them some shovelers and one bird of prey.
and some little birds.

-6 pm  a pair of mallards, a junco, 3 shovelers  2 males one female, 3 blue-winged teals, at least one female and one male, and two shorebirds ( see picture), and 3 other ducks.
i heard the Robin.
i watch for half an hour,

upon seeing me, first the mallards left
then the 3 unidentified ducks
after say 10 minutes the shovellers left
the teals which were first hidden from view, screamed loudly and eventually left
the shore birds would fly up a bit and land again, and when they left  i left.

Sorry for disturbing their peace.

Kip's puddle is a 5 min. walk ( half a km) from my house
the weather was windy, cloudy ( too cold for May, but not freezing)
and the snow is long gone here.

May 18, 9am till 9.30am
It's already a whooping high of 7 degrees C.
calm and partly sunny

2 male pintails and one female, when they spotted me they took off and with them what sounded like the screamers of yesterday, 2 small ducks
3 shorebirds came and left ( maybe yellowlegs)
i heard juncos, robins and warblers,  in a flash it looked like a yellow-rumped warbler.

May 18 evening  5 minute observation
windy and not much warmer, partly sunny
one duck only.

May 19  morning, 5 min observation
calm and partly sunny
a pair of green-winged teals
one shorebird
a grouse

May 20 morning
after night frost, pretty good weather
a pair of green-winged teals
a male mallard
a plover ( the shorebird)
a robin
a warbler

May 20 evening
super calm no ripple in the water, pretty good weather.
A northern harrier
and i don't know if she ( probably a female bird) flushed the ducks or i did)
2 ducks (probably the teals)
and a minute later 6 unseen small ducks flew away
several robins
a grouse
a shorebird

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