Sunday, April 13, 2014

Birding spring 2014

Mary, Jane, John and I, went to the Takhini river, to see if some migratory birds arrived, on the Takhini river, which stays open at the mouth all winter.
The river wide open at the Takhini river campground, the road muddy.
There we spotted a winter resident the American Dipper.
On our next stop, John spotted two Bald Eagles who flew downstream where he and Jane did spot them again on our way back.

When we arrived at the mouth, so did the 

two Trumpeter Swans

they flew beneath us low over the water going to in the direction we were heading.
They greeted the 

Common Goldeneye 

( some of us counted two)

Then they swam on to greet the 

6 or 7 Mallard (pairs)

And from there they swam to the edge of the ice to feed.

we saw one small flock of  Bohemian Waxwings

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