Tuesday, May 9, 2017

moose skull lake May 8 2017, boreal chikadee

As i was sitting on the shore of the lake, a boreal chikadee flew up to me.
Closeby i heard a woodpecker, but never saw it.
In the lake  I saw today;  the two  mew gulls on the remaining ice. In the water, now say 15 % open; one bonaparte's gull, a pair of pintails , 2 male mallards.
I did not walk along so i didn't hear or see the yellow legs. I did scan the tops of trees, but could not make out any bird activity.

This both an exercise in observing the birds and becoming more aware. I am sure there were more birds than i saw or heard.

Yesterday the mew girls resting, now one seemed to be pecking things of the ice
this is what i did see, April 26, when i last crossed the ice
 a melting diving beetle or scavenger beetle maybe

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