Wednesday, May 10, 2017

moose skull lake May 9 and 10 2017

yesterday, early in the morning, there was more open water, approx. 25%.
Last night it froze pretty good, so i went to the lake this morning i expected not much change that way.
It must have been the wind, the lake is now 80 % open.
And lots of ducks!

First yesterday, I met a grouse close to the lake. On the lake the two bonaparte's gulls, the pair of pintails and  now four mallards  (3 males  one female) and i could here the  lesser yellowlegs.

The mew gulls seem to have gone, they were not there this morning either. But a lot of ducks had flown in.
First close to were i come out at the lake; a pair of buffleheads, and a  male barrow's glodeneye.

total count:  2, a pair of, buffleheads
                   2, a pair of barrow's goldeneye
                   4, 2 pairs of scaup
                   6, one female  and 5 males, mallards
                   2 or 3 bonaparte's gulls
                   lesser yellowlegs
                   3 unidentified ducks
(and May 13, 2017 the lake totally ice free now, no ducks! nor gulls, that i could see or hear, just hearing the yellowlegs.)

 and continuing my walk , May 10, grouse, juncos and robin's,  i decided to climb a fairly steep high hill, and right on the top:
a yellow-rumped warbler.
 Yesterday May 9, a yellow-rumped warbler arrived in my yard
with two  of those???


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